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US Mini Road Race (USMRR) Apr-26th 2007

26Apr07 (All Photos on this page are from

     US Mini Road Race (USMRR) kicked off it's inaugural race last weekend.   The crowd that came out for our first race was small, but very enthusiastic.  The weather was sunny and 70 for the day, we did have to fight through quite a wind,but nobody seemed to mind.  The IIR track was ready for some racing.
     Everyone seemed to have a great time that day.  We had guys who were racing for the first time and for some it was their first time on asphalt period.  Aaron Kauffman made his way out on the race track for the first time and only the second time ever on his EX250, he stayed up the whole race and came off smiling.  The father son duo of Paul and Caleb Prentice were also out racing for the first time, they both did a great job as Caleb shows he seems to be a great fit for racing his 50 on asphalt.  His dad did great, even after a few get offs on the track, he kept it upright and finished strong.  We also had Darin Dux come out on his YSR for the first time and he did well, especially since he was riding a pogo stick around the track, as soon as he gets his suspension just right it will be even more fun to watch him out there on the YSR.   Nate Lenz brought out his Aprillia 50, for his first time on that bike, he really got into his groove by the main race and ran well, it was great to watch that bike go around the track.   Sam Miller drove down from Minneapolis with scooter man Pete Meixl, but the scooter wasn't set up right for the track so it retired early.  After Sam remembered to fill up that gas tank he showed the boys how it was done in the F4 class on his KTM.   Of course, race promoter Brian Naylor and son Kinzer "Speedy" Naylor showed up to race their KX 60 and 65 in any class that would have them and had a great safe, fast race day.
     Medals were taken home in all the events and a special mention to Kinzer "speedy" Naylor for the fastest lap time of the day at 44.62 and fastest average speed of the day at 48.4 MPH, just inching out his dad and Sam for the title.

Results April 2007

F1 Main
After Caleb came out for the start Nate was able to get past him in the hairpin on lap 1 and run it to the checkered.
1st  Nate Lenz
2nd Caleb Prentice
3rd DNS Pete Meixl

F2 Main
Brian gets the hole shot on the KX60 and Kinzer was on his toes most of race but he finished 1st by a good margin.
1st  Brian Naylor
2nd Kinzer Naylor
3rd Darin Dux

F3 Main
Brian got the hole shot again as Kinzer studders on the start,but set up for a pass on lap 7 to overtake his dad for a solid victory. 
1st  Kinzer Naylor
2nd Brian Naylor

What great fast racing as Sam pulled out the holeshot and led it the whole way with 1 of the KX's on his toes at all times he gets to the checkered 1st.  A fun fast race to watch.
1st Sam Miller
2nd Kinzer Naylor
3rd Brian Naylor
4th Paul Prentice
5th Aaron Kaufman

     Thanks to all the riders for coming out on a beautiful Iowa day to have some safe and fun racing.  Reminder there is a track day on April 28th at Marshalltown.  
The Naylor team are headed down to OKC to hang out and race those speedy southern boys with Oklahoma Superbikers.
Check out the finishes at and photos at .

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