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Photos From Soaring Edge Sunday 10-28-07
Photos By Randy Toy

Here are the photos from Soaring Edge Raceway on sunday October 28th 2007. I am still having troubles with my photo store as I have reached the storage limit for that website, and the only way to add more there is to delete them all and start over. Well that is allot easier said than done and I just don't have the time or money right now to work on getting my photo store limit increased. So all the photos from Last weekend and this weekend will be in this format and the digital version is FREE with no watermark. I know everyone will prefer this way over the other way because you can see more photos all at once and none of them are watermarked, plus you can get a large version with out paying for it. this means you are able to view a larger version than you would be able to on my store. The photos are not the originals but they are still 1600 x 1024. . Well this also means all the digital photos are free to download for the last few races. Just right click on the image and save the photo to your documents, you desktop or where ever else you want to save them to. If you did want to order some printed versions of any of these photos you can email me the image number and what size/s you would like. We can arrange payment through the store or paypal and I will get you any size photo you want.
If all you need is the digital photos then they are free for these last few races at soaring edge, each image is named and numbered. for example the photo below in the 65cc Practice is "soaring_edge_10_28_071128_jpg" that is the image name the "1128" is the number. Or you can email me a link to the photos would want printed.

You can contact me at

Thank you, have a great day and enjoy the photos. Randy Toy

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