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This weekend was kicked off with Kart racing at little Sunset Speedway one of the great things about Nebraska Raceway Park in Greenwood Nebraska is that they are host to all the fun this weekend. Starting Friday night with Travis Pastrana here to race cars on Saturday and Sunday night, and Kenny Bartram also racing dirt track he will be performing a Motocross Freestyle demo with, Ryan Logan & James Carter at I-80 Speedway Saturday and Sunday during intermission and after the races. Travis is only here to race cars but Kenny Bartram, Ryan Logan & James Carter will be performing their freestyle demo right in front of the grand stands, you will be so close to them doing their tricks you would feel like you can reach out and touch them. Don't miss the events this weekend.

Friday night Pastrana, Bartram, Logan and Carter came in a day early to try their hand in racing Karts. With the infield packed with racers for Friday nights events, it was like any other night at the races here at Little Sunset, except this time the regulars get to race with their hero, to most of the youth and even the adults Travis and Kenny are more than heroes tonight they are regular guys here to have fun just like every one else. Travis and Kenny embraced their fans with openness and true kindness, and the fans were just as respectful of them.
The riders meeting explained some of the rules and regulations as well as listing the race order for Friday nights events.
In the first practice rain was threatening on canceling tonight's events, and the track had a slight glaze on the surface that made it somewhat difficult for event the track regulars. Being the first time Travis had raced this kind of track with Karts, Travis the true racer took his time and focused on learning the vehicle and track. The vehicles they were driving are the track rentals and are probably not the most highly tuned vehicles on the track, but still
Travis Pastrana was happy with the speed the vehicle had. With Kenny Bartram having raced the dirt track here the last few weeks, Bartram did have an edge over Pastrana and was ready to battle with the locals.
By race time the rain had stopped and the track was looking great, there were some really great races friday night with tons of close race action in all classes.
Kenny Bartram's second race he worked his way from last place to 2nd for a hard fraught battle while Travis Pastrana struggled to keep his position locked down. Driving a somewhat inferior car to the competitors Travis was able to hold off in his second race for a decent position in the field. Travis still had a few good races but fell short of the podium this evening in his heat races, Travis said "I hate to loose even if It's just racing Karts, but It sure is allot of fun. But still, racing is racing and I want to win no matter what kind it is."
In the feature Kenny and Travis were lined up near middle pack and the rain had dropped just enough sprinkles to make the track a little slicker than it had been all night, by lap 4 Bartram and Pastrana were running middle pack. Turn 2 seemed to be the slick side of the track with each lap at least one racer was nearly spinning out pushing the outside racers wide, and Bartram in one instance was bumped by another driver in turn 2, Bartram spun out while Pastrana swerved to avoid him. Both would find theirs self's battling for that last position, both drivers would continue to battle to the checkered flag.
After the races Travis Pastrana , Kenny Bartram , Ryan Logan and James Carter spent some time with the fans and gave autographs and took photos with them. It was a great time for everyone and I know that there are a few kids this weekend that will never forget how much fun it was to race on the same track as these guys. You know you see a famous person on TV or in the videos and often hope to one day meet them. Sometimes when you do they are not what you expected, well these guys are more than you expect, they are on your level and are so respectful of the people surrounding them that even just being there you felt like you were one of them.
It takes allot of giving respect to earn respect and friday night there was respect from both sides and everyone went home with something to remember.
We here in the midwest hope that Travis will remember us as well.
We would like to thank Travis Pastrana, Kenny Bartram, Ryan logan and James Carter for taking their time to visit with all of us and come here to Nebraska and race, and every one of you are welcome anytime.

By: Randy Toy

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