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It's been a couple years, but the recent weather takes me back and reminds me what it's really link to have fun. If I remember correctly, the weather was way below freezing the day these pictures were taken (Jan 2005), but that never stopped us. Though I don't currently have a bike, I probably won't be getting one anytime soon.
If you know me, then you know my last crash put me out for along time. I haven't ride a bike since August of 2005 and for me that really sucks. It's now March of 2006 and I am not done with motorcycles, I may not be riding them but there is something about them I just cant keep my self away from so now I am doing something a little different in the world of motorcycles. I am taking the Pictures and writing the articles about the races now. Well most of you that know me know that I have pretty much always taken pictures at the races and I have had this website for a number of years. This time though I wont be racing I will be taking photos. and this time I actually have a camera that can take really good pictures.

I brought these pictures back to my website to remind us that living in the midwest can be rough this time of year when it comes to getting a good day to go for a ride. And recently with the 11 or more inches of snow we have received lately it makes even more difficultly in finding the desire to go for a ride.

Well I recently received an email from a racer here in the midwest by the name of Trevan Hetzel. He races Hare Scrambles and is making the move from the B Class to the A class for the 2007 Season. After reviewing his website I noticed he has several pictures of him riding in the snow. I see this and I can see that this kid really wants to do well with this transition. I have never met Trevor but after reading some of his website I can see that this kid really has a good head on his shoulders. It takes riding in the worst of conditions to prepare you for them, so when it's time your ready. Riding in the snow is more than just putting on your gear and getting out for a ride, it can be allot more fun than you realize, shoot give it a chance some time you may find that you might actually have fun, and learn something at the same time.

So I get to the point, it takes an effort to succeed, and how far you go depends on how much effort you put toward your goals. With riders as famous as Ricky Carmichael it is obvious how far putting out the effort will get you.
Ricky has been quoted saying, more than once "I have never been the most talented, but I put out more effort than any other rider on the track, and that is why I made it."
This rider Trevan Hetzel is an example of this, his proof is in his photo gallery.
He is a perfect example to what it takes. I wish him the best of luck in 2007.

One of the paragraphs on Trevan's website reads

" To succeed in almost anything you have to have the right equipment and a great support system.  I feel privileged to have such good support behind me, starting with my family.  My mom has always supported our racing our racing efforts and she helps us out so much at the races.  Both my dad and my brother race also, so it's great to go out and have fun with each other riding."

Take the time to Visit his website:

Make sure you visit his Photo Gallery page

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