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HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! Yes it was hot, it was a scorching 98 today with an 80% humidity factor. But that didn't stop several hundred racers from racing this weekend at Pine Hill MX in Marne, Iowa. Even though it was hot there was a breeze that was just enough to take the edge off. There were 40 great motos of racing and allot of the great racing was due to some unbelievable conditions, I'm speaking about the dirt.

With the sun shining bright and the heat blazing down, and a small breeze one would think by the 12 to 15th race it would be a dust bowl. Well it was far from that. The dirt stayed almost perfect the entire day for all motos. I think there was only 2 corners that has dust. The track crew really had their stuff together. I asked several riders what they though of the dirt today and every one was really pleased with how awesome the track was. So if you didn't go racing today you missed out.

Yeah it was hot but you don't get to race tracks like this everyday. They also made some changes from the last event here back in June. The second turn was extended and a braking bump section was added, this section looked like it would be really fun. You can see the track photos by clicking here.
I took more than 3500 photos today and I am working on getting them up. As usual it may take until Tuesday night before all of them are uploaded. I will let you know when they are all up. Well have a great weekend everyone see you at the next race.
By: Randy Toy


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Quads will no longer be racing at Pinehill MX or 3-Oaks raceway this year.

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