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Chase McGrath, Scott Newell & Craig Private Practice (Aug 29th 2007)

Private Practice Location Disclosed August 29th 2007

For the first time in more than a month the weather was bearable, with low humidity and perfect 72 outside it was time to ride. Plus it had rained the night before and with sand you defiantly want some rain. This track is perfect for a workout and some good hard practice.

Cody Gilmore and Adam Daniels stopped out for a few minutes to check out the conditions, but cody is still on the mend and needs to say clear of the really rough stuff for a little longer. And this track is rough, believe me. Chase McGrath, Scott Newell, Craig (I didn't catch criags last name) and another rider that I am not sure of his name was out for some great riding.

Scott had taken a few laps on his bike, but later when craig was taking a brake Scott got to ride a 2-Stroke Yamaha. Well that was basically the last time Craig got to ride his own bike, at one point Newell said "This is the most fun I've had all year!" and that is right he was riding a 2-Stroke in the deep sand and he was having a blast.

From the Photos below you will see that Scott and Chase were really digging hard in the turns and I got some pretty decent shots. Next time I am bringing a weed whacker, It was really tough to get the shot I wanted with all the Grass growing tall on the inside of all the corners but I was able to manage and still got some good shots.


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