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Kortney's feature battle
Saturday night at Nebraska Raceway park was a beautiful night to race, with no threat of rain Travis Pastrana set to race dirt track and Kenny Bartram pulling a double feature giving the fans a freestyle Demo with Ryan Logan & James Carter. Their high flying freestyle motocross big air tricks right in front of the stands was more than something to talk about it was breath taking for most of the fans here Saturday night, and talk about a front row seat. I-80 Speedway gave everyone in attendance the perfect seats for the show. Ryan Logan & James Carter both riding 250cc 2 stroke motocross bikes would give the crowd a small teaser during intermission, with Kenny bartram also racing Dirt track there just was not enough time during intermission for him to get ready for freestyle then get back to the dirt track.
Veteran Ryan Logan gave the crowd a quick taste of what was to come throwing some sick tracks that had the crowd gasp at times. Then with James Carter, who just started jumping freestyle in November of last year, showed the crowd that he was no beginner. Carter may have less than a year under his belt but from his style and technique he looked like he had been jumping with Bartram and Logan for years. So now they are here in Nebraska giving the crowd what they paid for and more.
With multi time X-Games Gold Mentalist Travis Pastrana and Freestyle legend Kenny the Cowboy Bartram also on hand the crowd was in for a real treat this Saturday night. I mean if you think about it, how often, or how far do you have to travel to see these guys, it's pretty rare to have them come to your home town, let alone get the chance to compete with them on your turf. Well one such battle this weekend included local racer Kortney Kosiski, this 17 year old, driving a Crate Late model would find her way through the qualifiers to the Feature with Travis Pastrana in the same class as Kortney. You have got to think that this 17 year old was super excited that she was pitted with Travis let alone be able to compete with him. I mean just a few short weeks ago we Saw Travis Pastrana
racing in the X-Games, and now we get to see him in person compete with Nebraska's finest.
When the green flag waved Kortney took charge early and set the pace for the rest of the field while Travis Pastrana started back in the 5th row with Kenny Bartram. In turn 2 of lap 3 a driver had spun right in front of Kenny bartram. Kenny avoided the crash by inches but lost several positions in the process. Travis was ahead of the incident and gained several spots.
Pastrana was now running 3rd, Kortney was running second, and Bartram found himself in second to last place. On the restart in turn four Kortney dove to the inside, charging hard to take the top spot. Putting some distance on Travis running 3rd. Back in the pack Kenny Bartram started to move his way through the pack but it seemed that every 2 positions he made up he would loose one of them to a caution, so Bartram's luck was running out and so were the laps.
With about 8 laps left Travis Pastrana had made the charge to take second, but the harder Travis pushed the faster Kortney drove. The 17 year old girl from Ralston Nebraska was well aware of who was threatening her for top honors. For a few laps she began to extend her lead slightly, but with another caution Pastrana was right there on her bumper for the restart. When the green flag dropped young Kosiski held on to 1st place, but just barely. She was running the high line and Travis was running the low line through turns one and two, with the high line momentum she was able to maintain position down the back straight. Each of the next 2 laps she was able to maintain her position by the narrowest of margins, but Pastrana was not backing down either pushing hard through every turn trying to find an advantage. Then yet another caution would bring these two front runners bumper to bumper again. Except this time Travis would not get another chance to overtake 1st as the race time limit had expired, as this marked the young 17 year old Kortney Kosiski's first win of the year.
What this should say is that if there was ever a question in any ones head, weather or not Kortney has what it takes to make it in a sport, that in her word "Is her passion." Then this race should speak in volumes. Granted this was the first time Travis has ever raced in a car like this. The first time Travis even got time behind the wheel was Saturday night at about 6:15 pm for practice, and that's only about 2 or 3 hours before the feature, so most of his practice was during his qualifier. But having a name like Pastrana breathing down your neck pushing hard to get the win is what I call pressure, so for her to step up her game and not loose focus, is what ultimately makes a professional, a professional. Kortney Kosiski showed us all Saturday night that she is a driver that wants to go places, take her passion and make it a profession as well. So congratulations on your much earned win, and we look forward to seeing your name allot more in the future.

By: Randy Toy

Here are some photos of Saturday nights winner Kortney Kosiski








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