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Kenny "Cowboy" Bartram Races at I-80 Speedway - July 30th 2007

Pre race "Cowboy" Kenny Sweeps the Semi........

Kenny Bartram comes to I-80 Speedway Nebraska Raceway Park, Sunday July 30th

July 30th 2007
A hard rain the night before gave the track crew some work to do this afternoon to prep for this evenings event. With the threat of rain again, an hour before race time the clouds took a turn and cleared up for race time. The track was working into a good surface for racing. The high line looked to be the lane of choice if you wanted to maintain your position. However in one if the qualifiers a heated battle for first resulted in one car on the high line and the other deep to the inside, with a classic motocross move the driver on the inside swept wide pushing wide the current leader steeling the position as well as swapping paint. In my world, the one of Motocross and Motorcycle racing this is a normal thing and rubbing is racing. Neither driver seemed to have lost control and neither were going to back off, so naturally only one of them would get the job done. It turned out the winner was docked 2 positions for rough racing. And the heat win went to the second place driver.
"Cowboy" Kenny Bartram really stepped up to the plate tonight and showed that he was not afraid to mix it up with the regulars. Kenny qualified for the feature near the back of the pack, but he qualified. By the second lap Kenny was pushing hard riding the high line as most of the faster drivers were, but kenny was fighting for position with 3 or 4 other divers for most of the race. On the exit to turn 2 Bartram seemed to have allot of trouble with the car, as the back end would push wide far into the straight. From the looks of it he was in the slick stuff being pushed tight. The 'Cowboy" kept it on and maintained his position lap after lap. You could see that kenny probably had the fastest entrance speed of any other driver on the track and maintained his speed well into the turn, but his exits were his only weakness. For this being his first Dirt track race he drove like he had been doing it for a long time.
On the 13th lap a driver tried to dive deep in on Kenny and muscle his way through but kenny had the position and with a tough rub, Kenny and the other driver came together in turn 1 and kenny managed to power his way through, the other driver was not so lucky as he would spin out to draw the yellow flag. Kenny crossed the finish line with out incident and had gained several positions from his original starting spot. All in all it was a great first race for Kenny and we look forward to seeing him come back on August 12th. "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram will be performing his Freestyle tricks during intermission, as well as racing the night program. This will be an awesome event to watch so you can not miss this. Again Kenny will be here Sunday August 12th. DONT MISS IT!!!!!

Make sure to visit Nebraska Raceway Park I-80 Speedway for more race info and the full story of all the races from Sunday July 29th. Also check out Cowboy Kenny Bartrams website for his Bio, Photos and much more.

By Randy Toy

"1st Race" Qualifier Photos Kenny Bartram Orange #80
"Feature Main " Photos Kenny Bartram Orange #80
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