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Kenny "Cowboy" Bartram Gets Driving Lessons at I-80 Speedway - July

Kenny Bartram Driving Dirt Track

Kenny Bartram comes to Omaha for some driving lessoons from Kenny Edwards

July 2007
Will Nielsen of Nielsen Productions was running the Video camera to capture Kenny "Cowboy" Bartram's first time in a Dirt Track car. The former World Freeride Association (WFA) Freestyle MX Champion was in Omaha this week on an invite to come and drive dirt track at Nebraska Raceway Park "I-80 Speedway" on their 4/10ths mile dirt track. He was taking instructions from Kenny Edwards, younger brother of Nascar's Carl Edwards. The Edwards Crew was on hand taking their practice laps in preparation of the coming event on July 22nd at Nebraska Raceway Park (Carl Edwards Night). Kenny Bartram was impressing the professionals with his ability to drive a car. After a few short laps Bartram was putting in some really fast lap times. More than the lap times was his overall control of the car. I had asked Edwards how he though kenny was doing and where he needed to improve. Edwards said " He has great exit speed and control, but he needs to work on his entrance to his corners. But all in all for only having less than 15 laps ever in a car like this, with the way he is driving he could hold his own in the night race."

I asked Kenny Bartram what he thought of the ride. "It's allot of fun, it doesn't give me the kind of scare that FMX and Rally Racing does, it's not like driving a Rally Racer because in one of those your running on adrenalin the entire time your in the car. This kind of driving you need to push it a little harder to get the same kind of rush, but I'm not really comfortable pushing it over the limit with someone else's vehicle, but it's still gets your heart pumping and I am sure in race traffic it would be a rush."

Make sure to visit Nebraska Raceway Park I-80 Speedway for more race info on Car Edwards night July 22nd this year. Also check out Cowboy Kenny Bartrams website for his Bio, Photos and much more.

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